Innovation At Work

Meet Zack Baker.

Zack is a 2016 graduate of Noblesville High School, and before becoming an alumnae he was a student making an idea become an innovation. 

Recognizing a need for integrating technology into his own school, Zack Baker developed PassWhiz.  This app suite was designed for schools like Noblesville High School, operating with 1:1 technology.  Zack's innovation took a decades old paper system and transformed it into an app that makes the "hall pass" completely electronic. A once "old school" approach now offers teachers and administrators an easy, efficient and secure application when students need to leave the direct supervision of a teacher. 

PassWhiz is a noted success story and example of how ideas embraced in an innovative environment empower creation.  This app suite is used by schools and students across the country, making hall passes savvy and secure.  No need for old school when new school innovation drives results. 

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