The Stay Here * Grow Here program is supported by the Economic Development Department’s Strategic Plan, the City’s 2013 Comprehensive Master Plan (PLANoblesville).

One of the five Goals of the Noblesville 2012 Economic Development Strategic Plan is to “Enhance the Noblesville business climate in order to grow the local economy from within and maintain sustainability across all business sectors.” This goal identifies the importance of a focused effort on retaining existing businesses, helping them grow here, and providing the tools and support they need to be successful in Noblesville.

• According to the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy’s Frequently Asked Questions, “in the last two decades about 60% of the private-sector’s net new jobs have been created by existing establishments.”

• The Ohio State University Extension, Community Development program states that, “research shows existing businesses create 60% to 90% of all new jobs.”

With at least 60% of new jobs coming from businesses that are already located in our community, it is important to find out their challenges and needs and to provide them with the tools they need to foster success here, in turn making Noblesville an economically viable and business friendly place to be.

A formal business retention and expansion program is also supported by the City’s 2013 Comprehensive Master Plan. Action steps identified by the Comprehensive Master Plan include, but are not limited to: the continuation of industry roundtable discussions; a formal business visitation program; a survey; and improved communication and relationships with the City’s existing businesses. These action steps, and others identified within the Comprehensive Master Plan and identified as a priority within the Economic Development Department, are elements within the Stay Here * Grow Here Initiative. The program also includes measurement opportunities to keep the goals, objectives, and actions results oriented and easy to report.

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