Zack Baker, 2016 graduate of Noblesville High School

Recognizing a need for integrating technology into his own school, Zack developed PassWhiz. This app suite was designed for schools like Noblesville High School, operating with 1:1 technology. Zack's innovation took a decades old paper system and transformed it into an app that makes the "hall pass" completely electronic. A once "old school" approach now offers teachers and administrators an easy, efficient and secure application when students need to leave the direct supervision of a teacher.


Susan Wiersema, Noblesville High School Internship Coordinator

Inspiring and cultivating tomorrow's workforce is essential in today's economic development environment. Noblesville High School piloted the Intership Program in 2013 and has grown boldly with close to 300 students participating in 2016. This program offers a direct and tangible impact to Noblesville's workforce pipeline. This collaboration between the City of Noblesville and Noblesville Schools is essential in always marketing the talent needed in our local workforce.


Judi Johnson, Director of Economic Development

With an ever-changing economic landscape, choosing a location to plant business roots is one of the most vital pieces in securing future growth and success. Noblesville exists as the heartbeat of Hamilton County, naturally creating an environment for businesses to thrive through the marriage of commerce, culture, and community. Noblesville Economic Development inspires the strong tripod collaboration between business, government, and education, making Noblesville a rivaled place to call home for businesses.


Emily Wasonga, Owner of Love’s Hangover

The world is a big place, full of rich experiences, people, and culture. Love’s Hangover brings a small taste of this vibrant landscape to Noblesville by partnering with artists all over the world. By uniting cultures through handmade jewelry, home goods and gifts, this small boutique simultaneously celebrates our differences while proving that we are united by the art that so beautifully and uniquely colors our amazing world.

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