Workforce Development

“Your workforce is your most valuable asset. The knowledge and skills they have represent the fuel that drives the engine of business - and you can leverage that knowledge.” - Harvey Mackay

Workforce Development Council

The Noblesville Workforce Development Council began in 2012 as a collaborative effort between schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, and the City’s Economic Development Department.  The Workforce Development Council works to provide strategies and collaborative approaches to improve workforce preparedness and training for individuals, in-turn enhancing the Noblesville business environment. 

The Workforce Development Council has fostered the work done by many in our community to ensure our residents are “work ready.” Successful cities have strong, sustainable work forces, and our Workforce Development efforts enhance business sustainability in Noblesville making the City a place for companies to Stay Here and Grow Here. 

Members of the Workforce Development Council do the hard work of implementing the ideas of the group but the Council is a place to develop them. The Council continues to provide a single source within Noblesville for educators, businesses, state employment specialists and city government to coordinate and incubate ideas and to do this with an eye towards providing citizens with an opportunity for meaningful employment.



Noblesville Economic Development Director

Talented Workforce Pipeline

Having a talented workforce is vital to a community’s ability to be competitive for both attraction and retention of businesses.  The City of Noblesville is treating Workforce Development as an important issue locally and regionally.  The Economic Development Department has set a goal of helping to develop a pipeline of talented, workforce-ready individuals to support the needs of the business community and is continually expanding efforts to adapt to the growing needs of today’s workforce.

Below is a graphic representation of the Noblesville Workforce Development Pipeline from Pre-Kindergarten through adulthood, showing programs and efforts to provide a pool of trained, work-ready individuals. Economic Development is working with Noblesville High School to create a more detailed, inclusive and user-friendly electronic version of the static image below. 

Workforce development education focuses on ages 6 through retirement and includes soft skills, applied skills and industry-specific educational opportunities.  In addition to workforce education, the City of Noblesville assesses life-long learning opportunities for all ages (including pre-K and post-retirement) through its Learn Noblesville initiative.


NoblesvilleWORKS Soft Skills Campaign

The Workforce Soft Skills Program was developed to foster collaboration between the city, businesses, and schools with a community-wide effort to increase awareness of soft skills throughout Noblesville.  The program will communicate the importance of 6 key soft skills categories in today’s technology-focused work environment. Learn More


Noblesville Economic Development

Noblesville High School Internship Program

The Internship Program for Noblesville High School seniors started with a pilot program in January 2013 of 22 students.  The program enrollment has steadily increased with 90 students and 28 businesses in the 2013-2014 school year and the 2014-2015 school year had 166 students and 47 businesses participating.  The Mayor’s Office and Economic Development Department supports and participates in the Internship Program each year.
Contact Susan Wiersema
Noblesville High School Internship Coordinator

Noblesville High School Industry Tours

The Industry Tours are an organized effort to introduce students in their junior year to various career industries.  Students have toured 5 local businesses and t-shirts were created for participants to help increase awareness of the program among other students and throughout the community.  In the 2015-2016 school year, an estimated 260 students will participate in the Industry Tours within the following career fields: health science, manufacturing/engineering, architecture/construction, and transportation/distribution.  There are also more specialized and smaller tours planned for agriculture, food and natural resources; arts, audio/video production; human services; and government and public administration.


Noblesville High School Counselor
Noblesville High School Counselor

Purdue Technology Program Tours

On April 16, 2015 the Noblesville Workforce Development members, middle school counselors, high school counselors, Work One, and the City’s Economic Development went to Purdue University’s College of Technology.  The goal of this visit was to introduce and educate the counselors on various career fields and degrees offered within the College of Technology with an emphasis on the Building and Construction Management program.  Participants of the tour were able to experience classroom instruction with presentations from students in the Advanced Healthcare Construction Management, Construction Materials and Methods, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Computer Graphics Technology courses.  Counselors also attended a lunch with students enrolled in the College of Technology and could ask them questions and for recommendations on how to improve the communication of this career field to current and future students. 

Connecting Classrooms & Careers

Economic Development staff attends Connecting Classrooms & Careers which is a series of events convened by Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks to bridge the gap between educators and industry.  The events are aimed at advancing and strengthening our workforce by introducing teachers, counselors, principals, and community leaders to various career industries.  Speakers in the industry tell their career pathway “story” including training they went through, goals, obstacles, and then identify what that particular industry is looking for in their future workforce/recruiting initiatives.


Staff Assistant | Office of Congresswoman Susan W. Brooks, IN