Workforce Development

The Noblesville Workforce Development Council began in 2012 as a collaborative effort between schools, businesses, non-profit organizations, and the City’s Economic Development Department. The Workforce Development Council works to provide strategies and collaborative approaches to improve workforce preparedness and training for individuals, in-turn enhancing the Noblesville business environment.

The Workforce Development Council has fostered the work done by many in our community to ensure our residents are “work ready.” Successful cities have strong, sustainable work forces, and our Workforce Development efforts enhance business sustainability in Noblesville making the City a place for companies to Stay Here and Grow Here.

Members of the Workforce Development Council do the hard work of implementing the ideas of the group but the Council is a place to develop them. The Council continues to provide a single source within Noblesville for educators, businesses, state employment specialists and city government to coordinate and incubate ideas and to do this with an eye towards providing citizens with an opportunity for meaningful employment.

Judi Johnson - Noblesville Economic Development Director

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